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Check your zip code to see if you are within an eligible area for FREE Same-Day delivery.


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            Because Tomorrow is too late!  Gridiron Tire is expanding their delivery service options that now allow customers to order online and have it that very same day, without ever leaving home or work.  Gridiron is always at the forefront of offering the latest technology and services to its customers, and we believe Same-Day Delivery is the future of E-commerce.

FedEx SameDay Delivery Truck

            Gridiron Tire uses FedEx Office exclusively for Same Day Delivery services.  By using FedEx only, we can offer exclusive rates that are lower than the competition, all while getting your tires and/or parts to you even quicker! By sole going with FedEx, it helps us improve our logistics, which lowers our costs, improves our customer service and decreases the delivery time that your item hits your doorstep.  What do we do with those cost savings?  We find numerous ways to pass them to you, either thru lower prices, lower shipping costs, free shipping on select brands, and increases in the diversification of the product lines we carry giving you, more choices. 

            Same Day Delivery ensures that if you order by that days cut-off time you will receive your tires or parts on the same day you place your order!  FedEx's SameDay Delivery option is now available for all Gridiron customers (in select metro areas), no particular club or membership necessary. By selecting Same Day, it is the fastest (and often the cheapest) way to get your tires or parts delivered that same day.  


How it all works.      How SameDay Delivery Works

While you search for the tires or parts that you need for your vehicle and after placing those items in your shopping cart.  You will enter your address, and as you type in your zip code, the system will automatically tell, if you are "Same-Day Delivery" eligible. If you qualify, you will be able to choose from 1 of 3 same day options listed below: 

  • Priority service delivery in hours. Most pickup and delivery is in as little as 2 hours, depending on the distance from the origin to the destination.
  • Standard service delivery within 4 hours. Pickup and delivery are in the 4-hour window from the source to the destination.
  • Economy service delivery same-day. The pickup and delivery are done by the end of the day.


            Once a shipping option is selected, the order moves to the payment page, and after payment, the order starts processing immediately. Customers can count on FedEx to deliver to their door, commercial address or recommended installers shop in just hours depending on which option they select.  Gridiron suggests getting your delivery sent to a commercial or installer' location, as this option is almost always cheaper.

            Gridiron can deliver to businesses as long as we have a 3-hour window before they close. If shipping to a residential address, the window is a bit longer usually til the end of FedEx's business day around 8 pm.  This delivery service is ideal for someone who needs the tire or auto part immediately.

Gridiron does not get beat in the delivery speed game.

*Please note there are additional costs that show up after the shipping address is inputted. The extra costs are for delivering to a residence, distances over 50 miles from the origin, and other charges related to oversized packages (large tires). 

Contact us at for more information or if you have any questions call us at 1.855.502.7274


  • Any package ordered after 2 pm will be moved to pick up the next morning at 7 am.  The reason for this is most of our warehouses close at 5 pm and FedEx needs a few hours window to get there and pick up a package.  In order to avoid FedEx missing the warehouse being open, we move it to next morning pick up at 7 am.
  • If ordered after Friday 2 pm, the order will be moved to pick up on Monday 7 am.
  • If ordered on Saturday or Sunday due to warehouses being closed, the order is moved to Monday 7 am.